Jiangsu Dablood Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Brief Introduction:

Jiangsu Dablood Pharmaceutical was founded in Januery 22nd, 2017, as the pround result of the joint venture of DaAn Gene and Najing governmental funds. 

Dablood is located in the medical equipment industrial park, no. 86-5, shuanggao road, gubai town, gaochun district, nanjing city.

Enterprise scale:

Annual production and sales of detection reagent per variety of 10 million sets, a total of 14 varieties; And plans to incubate 20 enterprises under our funds in our incubation plan . The project is expected to complete the industrial development of more than 10 supporting detection reagents, and the detection performance is similar to that of imported similar products. At least 5 reagent products have been registered and accepted, and 3 have obtained the SFDA medical device registration certificate. 

Main business scope :

Pharmaceutical manufacturing and sales; Development, production and sales of in vitro diagnostic reagents; Medical equipment production, sales, etc. The newly established medical equipment production project of the enterprise mainly produces automatic tubular chemiluminescence analysis system instruments and related kits, and produces and sells 10 million test kits per variety annually.