RT-PCR Test Kit
DaAn Gene, as mother company of Dablood, is a listed gene medical company in Guangdong.

In order to better stop the epidemic situation of 2019 Novel Coronavirus wide spreading, DaAn Gene company developed the 2019-nCoV RNA detection kit, aiming to supply timely and effective detection service to extensive medical organizations. 

This kit can detect ORF1ab and N gene simultaneously, endogenous internal standard can monitor the experiment from sampling process, assess the sampling qualified or not(exogenous internal standard do not have this advantage), and monitor the occurrence of false negative effectively, assisting early clinical diagnostic, early treatment.
What Is RNA Test
RT-PCR technique | medical application
This kit is based on one-step RT-PCR technique. In practice, 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) ORF1ab and N genes are selected as amplification target regions. Specific primers and fluorescent probes are designed for the detection of 2019 Novel Coronavirus RNA in the specimens. This kit also includes an endogenous internal standard detection system, which is used for monitoring over the processes of specimen collection, RNA and PCR amplification, thereby reducing false negative results.
WHO recognized
used in 149 countries
DaAn Gene is the worlds leading manufacturer of RNA test set, it is the biggest in production capacity in the world. 

DaAn Gene RNA test is one of the 5 tests that been selected by WHO to recomment the world, and also been chosen as the solo provider for JackMa fundation for its donation to the world. So far, it has been used around the world by 149 countries. 

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